Author Topic: Celebrity Influences Buying Patterns of Consumers, says Market Research  (Read 43 times)


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Market research companies have found out that the consumer's buying pattern is, to a large extent, depend upon the celebrities endorsing that product. Marketers are now adopting the strategy of associating a celebrity with their product in order to increase their sales. As the audio-visual mode is increasingly being used for advertising, marketers are adopting the strategy of including celebrities in their ad campaign. Any product that is endorsed by a popular celebrity, sells like hot cakes in the market. Even if the consumers don't want or need to buy the product, they buy it simply for the name of the celebrity endorsing it.

Market research companies have analyzed that associating celebrities with their products is a common practice now-a-days. We hardly come across advertisements, which do not have a celebrity endorsing it. Film actors are now involved in endorsing a range of products - starting from skin care products, beauty products, cars, to biscuits, food products, hygiene products, lifestyle products, and jeweler and the list is infinite. Celebrities enable the company to increase their market share, improve their brand name and also capture a sizable share of the public interest.

These market research companies have also found out that in India, Bollywood stars have a huge bearing on the purchasing pattern of the consumers. It has been seen that if an individual has liking for a film star, then he/she prefers to buy the product endorsed by that film star.

It has been observed that if people see their favorite film stars endorsing a product, they view the advertisement as many times as it is flashed on the TV. They prefer buying the products endorsed by their favorite celebrities rather than going in for products sold by competitors.

This trend of marketing has also influenced the western marketers. Indians are also getting liberal towards adopting the western trends and have become increasingly experimental. Indians have now become aware of these foreign trends through the Internet, friends and media.

Market research has found that the celebrity endorsement trend has continuously been on the rise and will see no indications of slowing down in near future.

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