Author Topic: Celebrity Gossip Relationship Woes  (Read 64 times)


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Celebrity Gossip Relationship Woes
« on: October 22, 2020, 01:27:43 PM »
The world of celebrity gossip will collapse like a deflated balloon if you take out stories that have something to do with illicit relationships! The celeb gossip lover's dream news is the story of a favorite actor getting caught in the act. The Hollywood rumors doing the rounds always find takers among the lovers of entertainment news items. And they receive added impetus when there is some relationship issue involved the news story. Lovers of gossip would give away their right arms to know who is dating whom in the tinsel town!

So what triggers the love of celebrity gossip lovers for relationship stories? The prime reason could be the love for personal details that we can get about favorite celebrities. Celeb gossip reports which feature the love affair or more often than not, lust affair of the celebs of glamour land. Hollywood rumors are fed on the personal lives of the celebrities and famous personalities. Web portals and websites, which deal with entertainment news, give priority to stories having a relationship angle. This is especially true of stories which are immoral and illegitimate. A wife's terminal illness is not a big story on these pages, a mistress's common cold is.

Relationships are sometimes dictated by celebrity gossips! Yes, that is sometimes the case when the celebrities keep an eye on the entertainment news sections themselves. There are recorded instances of celebrities breaking up their existing relationship when they found their partner's picture in the celeb gossip columns. Many a cheating partner was brought to the book in the pages of the Hollywood rumors. The changing face of relationships is well documented in the web portals and tabloids dealing with such news items. If you are following a story with some diligence, you will definitely get updates to piece together a complete picture.

But all is not good in the world of celebrity gossip. Sometimes yellow journalists fabricate entertainment news stories. These harm the reputation of the personality concerned and there are libel suits flying thick and fast. Celeb gossips have been known to wreck many homes in the tinsel town. There is a dearth of trust and loyalty among the celebs anyway, because of the high profile lives that they lead. When they are faced with the allegations of entertaining different partners their relationships fall apart like nine pins.

The paparazzi scoops that are contained in the pages are sometimes not as correct as they propagate themselves to be. With the coming of web portals and online entertainment portals, the popularity of celebrity gossip columns are now on the rise. Hollywood rumors are steadily becoming accurate with the coming of digital technology to ascertain information that they publish.